Getting grounded so you can use your gifts with greater awareness 

Does this sound like you?

You are an empath, intuitive or sensitive person, healing professional, or coach and you....

  • Have noticed your intuitive nature for quite some time and are ready to go deeper into how to work with it

  • Have an urge to better understand the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) dynamics that play into interactions involving intuition, and feelings

  • Want to be more grounded and present in your daily life and with your interactions with others

  • Want to learn about some of the limiting factors that can hold you back from a truer expression of your abilities

  • Want to get passed judgment of yourself and others so that you can show up with more empathy and compassion

  • Want to learn to feel, express and receive your feelings so that you can access the wisdom and energy they hold

  • Want to learn how to establish and maintain energetic, emotional and physical boundaries

Shilah and Keenan have helped guide me on my path in deep and profound ways that I didn’t know were possible until working with them.

A course for everyone

The (Em)Path to embodiment is a 6 week online course where you will:

  • Develop a place inside that can hold your feelings as you discover more about them

  • Learn to move emotions and energy to have a richer experience in the world  

  • Learn skills and techniques to bring yourself down from your head and into your body  

  • Discover more about the chakras and subtle energy centers of the body  

  • Practice and learn how to “pull in” to help facilitate a more boundaried state  

  • Develop your intuitive and empathic abilities without the spiritual grandiosity  

A word from your helpers 

We are helpers, group facilitators, teachers and students. Most importantly we are just regular people. Regular people have been learning how to navigate the world in a more embodied, conscious and compassionate way. We do not ascribe to the idea that by taking a course, or studying for a brief period of time you can completely master what it is to be a heart centered, empathic person who has completely dissolved their judgment. In our experience this is not how real, lasting healing and transformation occurs. Authentic, lasting growth comes from putting insight into practice in the real world. Over time, experiencing the ups and downs of maturation, you start to develop conscious awareness around what it is that you are working on. You won't do it perfectly the first time, nor the second (we didn't), but with effort and intention, these lessons and the ways in which you want to grow start to take form. You may find yourself efforting less in your journey to get past judgement, you may find yourself establishing boundaries with greater ease, and you may discover that feeling your feelings and receiving those of others becomes an energizing and enlivening experience. 

We are helpers, group facilitators, teachers and students.

Cultivate a greater sense of self

Insight is valuable, but it is when we put insight into practice that true wisdom and transformation arise. 

This is why working with people who have put these teachings into practice is more valuable than simply reading similar insights in a book. We live these teachings everyday and are so excited to share them with you, and guide you through your process. 

Join us for this 6 week course where you will learn how to cultivate a personal practice of embodiment; a practice that, for us, has been life changing.

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