We are hiring!

We are looking for someone to join our team in a casual labor capacity.

The position is:

  • Casual and independent contractor based. This category of work is as needed, or on call. The anticipated amount of work is about 20 hours a month, though this could shift up or down depending on need seasonally. Ideally as the company grows so does the position, the compensation, and the allotted available hours.

  • Flexible, work from home, self-motivated opportunity where you will be responsible for logging your hours.

Position description:

  • We are seeking an Administrative Assistant to help with internal development and administrative tasks, in particular: Marketing, creative processing, project and podcast topic researching, email list management, communication with clients, scheduling, event logistics and coordination, retreat coordination, online program enrollment and co-ordination.

Qualifications for the ideal candidate:

  • Possess a high emotional intelligence, ability to self regulate, and self reflect. You will be front line communication with our clients. The most important qualification for the successful candidate is an ability to be compassionate, understanding, and able to listen to and support those who we are in service to. We do emotional work which requires patience, confidentiality, and discretion. Emotional maturity and integrity is a must.

  • Foster an environment of inclusion, compassion and consideration for all our contacts, clients and contractors.

  • Able to implement and handle constructive feedback. Excellent communication skills.

  • Proficient in computers and current online marketing technology - Ideally has experience with SquareSpace, Rizuku and MailChimp. For someone who is enthusiastic but lacks training in the above, training for these can be accessed, but will need to be completed prior to being hired on.

  • You resonate with our work and what the company is trying to accomplish and feel enthusiastic about being of service to the yoga and wellness community.


This is an entry level position with room to grow. Compensation TBD with successful candidate.

To begin application process:

Please submit your resume to info@arcanalife.com - Please do not submit a photo with your resume. Successful candidates will be contacted to fill out an application form.