Personal Inner work leads to satisfying relationships

Most of us have been there… try as we might, when it comes to relationships, it’s sometimes a bit more challenging to figure out where and how we get stuck. Our mentor would say “sometimes a coach can help you dig a little deeper, a little faster.”

From Shilah: “Relationships have been really hard for me. I always felt close and intimately connected to partners in some ways and totally disconnected in others. My relationships seemed to have difficulty generating really lasting commitment even though they were long in length. It also seemed really hard to create meaningful deep and honest intimacy. One of us was always on an opposite end of the spectrum. In learning about myself through relationship training with my mentor, I was able to see some of the patterns I had, and that I was largely getting in my own way. This helped me release blame for past partners and circumstances and take full responsibility for myself and how I show up to relationships. So many times I have found myself shaking my head playfully and saying to myself “if only I had known then, what I know now.” It is my hope to share some of what I learned on my journey within, and how that has helped me establish my most important relationship - the one with myself. This deepening inside of me has led to me being the kind of partner I always knew I had the capacity to be.”

From Keenan: “Some of us are fortunate enough to have strong role models from whom we could learn how to be in relationships in an honest, lasting and meaningful way. Unfortunately many more do not have such examples. Many of us grew up believing that once we found “the one”, that every aspect of the relationship would fall into place and we would live happily ever after. While love alone will go a long way in preserving relationships, in order to make it work and keep the magic alive we need a commitment to inner growth as well as growth of the relationship. Over the years I have worked with teachers who have both taught and demonstrated how through vulnerability, and honesty we can cultivate stronger, more meaningful connections with ourselves and others. This requires feeling our feelings moment to moment rather than simply sweeping them under the proverbial rug. Once we can do this, we can more genuinely share our inner experience with others, and create deeper intimacy and stronger bonds. At first this can feel scary and is often a little messy. With some coaching and practice, however, we can fine tune these skills of feeling, giving and receiving, and bring more passion into our lives.”


Personal Inner Work to Grow in Your Relationship

It’s a lot easier to outsource our relationships up’s and downs to our partner than it is to take responsibility for our own emotions and circumstances. Navigating how to work through our own inner challenges and confront the patterns within is one way to bring more harmony to our relationships. Our partners are our greatest mirrors. We find that working with someone individually first is a really great set up for working together with a coach. The challenging places are the deepest breeding ground for intimacy if we are willing to mine for the hidden treasures within the challenges together.


Relationship Mentoring as a Couple to Grow in your Relationship

Explore a session together as a couple deepening your relating and intimacy with one another


Relationship Weekend Workshops

Once per quarter we host relationship weekends where individuals are welcome to come and explore.

  • Strengthen your existing relationship or learn how to call in your next deeply connected relationship.

  • Also learn how to create and maintain them without falling into the cycle of projection and co-dependency.

  • Explore vulnerability and how it creates intimacy

  • Understand often hidden dynamics within relationship

  • Heal past relationships to make room for your current one, or call a new one in

  • Generate deeper intimacy and real connection in all your relationships