Inner Work and Coaching


The age of “spiritual growth”, “self help” and “awakening” has found many in a state of judgement of themselves. We seem to be constantly searching for “it”. That one magical experience, class or workshop that will change our lives for good, finally. It has been our experience that personal growth takes time. As much as we wish change happened over night, it doesn’t. Life is filled with moments of deep revelation that can lead to transformation - and it’s the practice of folding these revelations into our daily life, the integration, that takes time. We’re not here to sell you a quick fix; we offer the processes and teachings that have changed our lives, and helped us integrate our big “aha” moments into practical daily living. We stand beside you as supportive advocates while you navigate your inner work through various life stages.

Retreat with ArcanaLife

Life is busy, and things seem to move so quickly these days. It’s easy to get caught up in the “go go go” of daily life. Our retreats fuse our personal experiences with our various trainings in the health and wellness fields. We develop curriculum unique for every retreat that works in harmony with each person’s individual needs and with the energy of the land that we are visiting. Retreat themes change with the seasons, location, and as we change. We aim to care for and give back to the lands that support us, and each retreat contains an element of honoring and being of service to Mother Earth. You can except to:

  • Unwind and relax while connecting to nature

  • Explore and immerse in local culture

  • Do movement practices that heal and support your body

  • Eat nourishing foods

  • Make lifelong friends

  • Adventure

Caring For Your Body


We believe that the body, mind and emotions must work together, and receive equal care to achieve health. Each one affects the other. Sometimes on the journey of growth, or in the midst of busy life we neglect one or more aspects of ourselves. We’ve noticed that for people on a self growth, inner work or spiritual journey, the body is often neglected. We offer personalized distance inner work and lifestyle training where we get to the root of what is causing us to neglect ourselves.

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Shilah and Keenan have helped guide me on my path in deep and profound ways that I didn't know were possible until working with them.