Our next 200 hour training is Feb, 2020 - May 2020

We are currently concluding our 300 hour teacher training for 2019

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Join Shilah Sarkissian and Josh Plotkin for the 2019 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Learn how to apply the ancient wisdom of Yogic texts to the modern demands of teaching in multiple environments. You will do an in depth study of asana, meditation, philosophy, pranayama and subtle body elements of the yoga practice. This training will lay the foundational groundwork for teaching classes. It will also support practitioners wishing to deepen their own personal practice.  

A message from Shilah:

Our Yoga Teacher Training is about deepening your relationship to yourself through the exploration of your own personal practice in a way that provides more depth than a 60 minute class allows for. Personal inner exploration naturally elicits the transformation that emerges during our training, alongside the practical skill of creating the foundational elements of teaching asana and meditation. We wanted to create something that would allow teachers to feel empowered to lead classes that would influence the healing of the physical and subtle body through asana while weaving in the often forgotten or under-taught elements of yoga. We place an emphasis on each persons ability to find union between the many aspects of the Self. This training will teach you a recipe to create meaningful sequences, instead of a one size fits all sequence to follow; it will teach you how to see a room and understand what students need that day.  It will remind you how to feel. It will bring up your own personal healing, and in embracing your own journey you will gain a road map on how to assist others as they embrace theirs. An emphasis on digging deep into the heart wisdom of the ancient texts, and remembrance of the word yoga, and what it actually means - union, to yolk. Please join us to explore this powerful and ancient modality in a way that allows us to offer up our service on our path of Dharma. 

Even if you have taken a 200 hour training already, this training will enrich your foundational experience and help you come into and experience your authentic teaching voice. 

Total investment: $2950 ($2800 if paid in full by July 1st, 2019) 

2 partial scholarships available by application - please send a direct message for details.  

Teacher Training

300 Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training

Join Shilah, Josh and their speciality hand picked Orange County teachers for our 300 hour teacher training, beginning March 29th 2019. 

As experienced and compassionate teachers, Shilah and Josh will guide you through a deep dive that will take your yoga practice, personal inner work and your teaching skills to a whole new place. For those wishing to explore a more intimate relationship with themselves and their practice while serving their yoga community in a deeper and more educated way. The 500 hour certification designation is an important step on your path to becoming a professional yoga teacher and channeling the passion you have for being of sincere service to others. 

Our journey will begin in March 2019 and conclude in October 2019. The training will take place in Laguna Niguel CA. We will typically meet once a month to provide plenty of time for implementation and integration of the monthly topic. You will also receive one on one mentoring and support calls throughout the training, outside of group meetings, and plenty of practice opportunity. You will also complete an in depth individual research project and these independent supported hours will count towards your certification.

Yes, we are a registered school with Yoga Alliance.

Some of the topics you will explore:

  • The business of yoga - putting together workshops and retreats

  • Advanced alignment principles

  • Effective and ethical adjustments

  • Anatomical structure of the body in Yoga

  • Advanced and intuitive sequencing

  • How to modify for various injuries

  • Using props effectively

  • Yin Yoga

  • Yoga Sutras

  • Philosophy

  • Pranayama

  • The Ashtanga Yoga Path

  • The Iyengar Yoga Path

  • The Wounded Healer - how to ensure your own personal process around healing is not transferred onto your students

  • How yoga is influenced by the West and how to teach in a way that honors it's roots - learn about cultural appropriation and how to teach in a way that is honest, aware and inclusive

  • Finding your true teaching voice

  • Finding your niche


  • Beginners

  • Seniors

  • Trauma sensitive/informed teaching 

  • Veterans

  • Rehab

  • Disabled

  • Cancer patients

  • Anxiety/depression 

Meeting times:

Fridays 6:00 - 9:00 pm. Saturdays 10:00am - 6:00pm  Sundays 10:00am - 6:00pm

Meeting Dates March 2019 - Oct 2019:

March: 29, 30, 31 April: 12, 13, 14, May: 11, 12, 31 June: 1, 2, 14, 15, 16 and 28, 29, 30 July: 12,13,14 August: 2,3,4, 23,24,25

Sept:  20,21,22 Oct: 4,5,6, 26, 27, 28 ***You must hold a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification to register

***Payment plans are available, all deposits are non-refundable.

Reviews from past Yoga Teacher Trainees

“I highly recommend any of Shilah’s events or trainings”.

Shilah is medicine. She shows up in your life when you are finally ready to do the deep, hard work required to heal yourself and change your reality. So, good for you finding her here. Trust it. You’ve already started. It’s already working.  

I first worked with Shilah when I attended her 200 hour yoga teacher training. From day one, she and her team created the space for me to be more open and honest with myself than I had ever been before. With her support, I began to untangle the web of patterns running my life and open myself to the flow. Shilah offers thoughtful exercises, based in her own practice, to help illuminate the path toward our whole, complete Self. A union, yoga. These exercises are deceptively effective. The work echos down into the very nature of your being and calls for change. It’s a process. It’s growth. It’s work. It works. Within weeks I started to see dramatic shifts in the two most challenging relationships in my life. I was more empowered in myself than I had been in a long time. I felt my vitality coming back.  

Following yoga teacher training, I sought to continue my work with Shilah in private coaching sessions. Here, my growth is continuing exponentially. Shilah has coached me through healing dysfunctional formative beliefs, which serve as the foundation of experience today. The techniques Shilah uses to do this sort of healing are a tad unusual. They require a great deal of vulnerability and surrender to the process. Shilah’s professionalism, depth of experience, and genuine commitment to her own healing journey allows me to trust her completely. Several months later, I am simultaneously more creative with my reality and content amongst the unfolding nature of the universe. I also feel like I have superpowers. 

I highly recommend Shilah’s coaching services and any of her events or trainings. Shilah has profoundly influenced my life and I am grateful for the work she does. She’s patient, she’s kind, and her unconditional love enforces the comforting idea that however the process unfolds is how it’s meant to be. Everything is ok. Just keep doing the work of feeling in the present. You don’t have to understand it all. 

— Katie Burkhalter

“I have transformed my life for the better”.

Since the first yoga class I attended with Shilah before committing to the teacher training I knew there was something special about her. She has a way of transforming into the person you need her to be for you. She holds space in such a beautiful way, pushes you to open and explore without harming or closing you off. I have never trusted anyone more with my soul. I was in a very dark and confused space before meeting her and I started this journey maybe 1.5 years now and she has helped me start to love myself and give me my self worth back. I have transformed my life for the better because she has helped me, guided me to do the work I need to get to the place I am today. I have worked with people in the past to help with self work and personal growth however they sometimes just did the work for me, where’s Shilah makes you do the work and to dig deep inside. I feel this is way more impactful and makes me more accountable for myself and for our time together.

Shilah has given me the best gift I could ever ask for and I am excited with what the future holds and can’t wait to learn more from her. To carry on all the great knowledge she has gained over the years through her teachers, It’s such a beautiful gift of giving and receiving, the real purpose in life.

— Lexus Curtis.

“It is so worth it from my experience”.

“To all who are considering joining a yoga teacher training:  Shilah has been my yoga teacher for years and I knew that anything she created would be built with the greatest of intentions. Though, the question is always timing. I was looking to enhance my inner and outer strength, searching for deeper meaning on and off the mat.  Excited to take my practice to the next level and possibly become a teacher.  Though, mostly I wanted to join the class for my own betterment.  I knew that the course would be heart centered and I align with that paradigm.  I heard about the class just as it was starting and needed to make a quick decision.  My instinct said yes a million times over though my brain gave me all the reasons to wait till the next training.  I decided that the fear I was feeling was my nervousness but excitement for growth.  Jumping on board was a big leap of faith that I was making the right decision.  It is a time, financial and emotional commitment and I wanted to make sure that I was doing the best for myself and my family.
Well..I am so glad I trusted my instincts.  Shilah has created a well rounded teacher training.  The curriculum is incredibly informative but I find learning the posture alignments to be invaluable to my success as a student and as a  teacher.  Now I am aware of how to protect my body in yoga and also how to advance my practice with the correct alignment.  The space has developed great friendships, truly bonding over a common goal.  The practices teach you how to move through your limits but to trust your body and mind as well.  It is hard work to look with in and self study.  This class is not designed to be easy but it is designed to be loving.  The curriculum and physical postures are a "good hard" but it is so worth it from my experience.  I continue to learn more about myself while getting prepared to be a solid teacher.  Shilah and Josh have provided a great foundation for personal and professional growth along my journey.  I would like to thank you for creating this course and softly helping me come aboard.  I am grateful to be a part of this training and honored to be a part of the group.

— Shauna T