Welcome to working together.

Wether you have come for Inner work guidance, coaching, hands on healing, yoga teacher training, women’s group, or help finding the destiny written in your stars (Astrology), I am happy you have arrived and that our paths are crossing. Below are my most common services, although more are available. Use the request to book button to get started, or scroll to the bottom of the page to read some reviews and get to know a little bit more about me and what I offer. Looking forward to seeing you soon and exploring together.




$90/hour — Reiki is the universal energy of life. Reiki healing sessions utilize light touch and the application of healing energy to bring about balancing and harmonizing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. 


$125/session *90 minutes — Energy Healing sessions use Reiki energy in combination with other energetic and therapeutic healing techniques. These techniques are applied based on what is needed at the time and can range anywhere from meditative regression and visualization techniques to chakra balancing and energy cleaning/cleansing. Expect to be an active participant in a healing session of this type.




$100/hour or $300/month package with 4 sessions per month. Having someone to help keep me on track has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. Sessions explore your relationship with yourself and any other topic you need to address on your journey of awakening and self discovery - this could range all the way from embracing your work and life purpose to exploring past wounds, family dynamics and healthy relationships.


Natal Chart Reading

$200/ *90 minutes — Your natal chart is the key to understanding the destiny in your stars. The life plan that you wrote for yourself. With all the support of creation on your side, you curated a life path filled with lessons, bump, bruises and triumphs. There is a high and a low road to every turn we can take, and astrology is a beautiful gift that teaches us about what we already deeply know about ourselves. It’s often a sigh of relief to realize you are exactly the way you are meant to be. Astrology is so much deeper than just the sun sign you may be familiar with. You also have individual planets that represent your mind, your patterns in love, your emotions, the list goes on. Where they were at the exact moment of your birth gives you a tremendous amount of information about who you are, and how you can best navigate this path. When paired with inner work, astrology gives us an incredible map to help navigate life. This is a wonderful investment in yourself and a great gift to give your loved ones.

In a natal chart reading we will explore the elements, planets and placements that are uniquely yours. Your life’s destiny and major karma that you have come in with are revealed. Your natal chart will take a week to prepare and then we will explore it together during your 90 minute reading/inner work session


$50/hour — Need some assistance turning your passion into a way of life?  Need some guidance with a particular situation with a client or student? Having a safe place to explore your expanding efforts in the healing world is important. 


Women’s Group

Our women’s group comes together as a space to be seen by each other on our path. A place to share, listen, consciously hear and support each other. We will explore all topics that feel relevant as well as guided ones that seem to be affecting women of many cultures as we globally step into a new embodiment. This is a place for us to sit in circle as women and share our collective lives wisdom, laugh, play, grow and heal together. All are welcome. Cost is kept low, to provide accessibility. If you want to join and finances are an issue please reach out.

The women’s group follows this format:

  • (2) 2-3 hour meetings per month for 3 months.

  • Take a one month break, then start an new 3 month cycle, welcoming new members to join us each cycle

  • New group members are welcomed at the beginning of each 3 month cycle

Pricing - $200 per 3 month cycle (6 2-3 hour facilitated meetings included)

Next women’s groups begins Tuesday Sept 17th meetings start at 6:00pm, and the dates are:

Tuesday Oct 1st

Tuesday Oct 15th

Tuesday Oct 29

Tuesday Nov 12

Tuesday Dec 10

Tuesday Dec 17

To join click below and send us an email request:

A little bit “about me”

Ever since as far back as I can remember I have been curious about the meaning of life, of my life. This curiosity combined with a deep sense of connection to the seen and unseen has led me on a serious path of self exploration for the last 15 years; trying to understand the why of it all. Why are we here? How can I be here and be fully present with life? There is still a lot of inner terrain for me to explore. What I have found so far is that all the outward looking that I did on my path of seeking, was really mis-guided. The answers were always within, and the true teachers I have come in contact with have showed me how to find the space within, and live from that embodied space as much as possible.

Being a perpetual student has led to gathering some different tools in my belt, and eventually after a lot of time as a student often led to offering what I learned in a teaching role. In 2009 I did my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher training, and then followed it up with earning my 500 hour designation in 2012, and I have been leading public classes, workshops and international retreats in the time since. My passion for mindful meditative movement led me to opening and accrediting (through Yoga Alliance) my own Yoga Teacher Training school, in collaboration with some wonderful colleagues. Along the way I became interested in other complimentary healing modalities, like healing the body naturally with plants, our own energy, and inner work. Divinely timed, just as my interest was peaking a wonderful teacher came into my life and I began earning my Reiki Master Teacher credentials with her, as well as my Certified Spiritual Healers Credential. A few years ago I started being the teacher for others in the Reiki and Energy Healing realm. Around the same time I met some gifted healers and wisdom keepers in Sedona who took me on as an apprentice and taught me more about the natural healing arts. Most recently I have had the gift of studying under one of the most talented teachers I have ever met, who has opened my eyes to the truth about relationships with myself and with others. Under his guidance I have been able to integrate most of what I spent the last 15 years learning in a way that finally feels embodied. With his help, the knowledge went from a concept, to being a real practice that comes through and shows up in the little moments of my life.

Sharing what I have learned with others seems like something that naturally happens for me, and I am finally learning to embrace that role, rather than run away from it. I keep my offerings accessible and always am willing to work with those who are truly committed to doing the work if finances are an issue, because that is what my teachers did with me. And, we are all in this together. I believe that doing our own self work and looking at the hard stuff, truly feeling feelings (as individuals and communities), eliminating numbing patterns and learning to be deeply communicative and honest are what create the foundation for a healthy life. I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, and I continue to keep learning and growing. For me, its been helpful to have someone keep me accountable, listen and give me feedback. I hope to be able to pay it forward by showing up for you if you feel called to work together.

In my free time I love traveling and seeing the world in a a new way. I enjoy being active, creating community, going on adventures, reading, resting and playing. I am originally from Canada, and now I live in Southern California with my finance Keenan, who I feel really happy to be doing this work with.