Hape' Circle
7:00 PM19:00

Hape' Circle

Keenan is offering a Hape' ceremony on Sept 28th (also spelled rape' in Brazil as Rs are pronounced as Hs in Portuguese).

This is a traditional medicine from the jungle that engages the healing properties of plants and song to move energy through the mind/body. It is helpful for a range of ailments from physical to mental/emotional depending on the type of medicine used and the intention of the circle. This medicine is made from a combination of clean and healing jungle tobacco and the ash of sacred trees and plants mixed together. Tobacco is the plant which is used for cleansing, protection and carrying prayers to Great Spirit across North and South American Indigenous lineages.

With this medicine, nothing is smoked, rather the powdered tobacco and plant ash (hape') is administered to each nostril from the facilitator to the receiver via a Tepi. A Tepi is a hollow tube used to pass/blow the hape' from one person to another. Traditionally these are made from cane, bird bones (as they are hallow), or wood. Keenan's Tepi is 100% vegan wood ;)

Keenan, who will be facilitating this circle has studied under and been given the blessing of his teacher, a leader of the Huni Kuin tribe from Northwestern Brazil (where this medicine comes from and is made), to be an ambassador of this medicine and serve it in this way. 

  • Come hydrated and bring water

  • Have your last meal by 5pm

  • Come with an intention

Pricing is on a sliding scale. $40 is the recommended value per person, however you are welcome to select the community rate from the drop down box if finances are tight. If you are in a place of abundance, you can select the supporter rate, which allows us to offer these events on a sliding scale to the community. If you can not contribute the community rate and wish to attend, please reach out and we will be happy to find an exchange that works for you - no one is turned away because of an inability to pay. You can select from the drop down scale below through PayPal or send through our preferred method of Venmo to @Keenan-Lee-Peters.

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Shamanic Breath And Healing Circle.
7:30 PM19:30

Shamanic Breath And Healing Circle.

Transform. Release. Heal.

Join Shilah, Keenan, Katie, and Juliana at Dharma Yoga House for a night of incredibly powerful transformation. This workshop is a weaving together of the healing medicine of energy work, water, sound, and the power of a deeply transformative breath - similar to Holotropic Breath (*discovered in the 1970’s by a psychologist exploring altered states of consciousness). Using a similar but slightly different technique, with safe and supportive measures in place, we will guide you on a journey into deep layers of the mind, body and spirit.

This type of breath has been trademarked since the 1970's but has been used in varying ways for some time among both yogic practitioners as well as various types of shamanic practitioners. Come and journey through the different realms of awareness, heal, and release deeply held wounds and patterns of the mind and body. Allow us to hold space for your transformation as we connect to the wisdom of our ancestors and soothe the transformation with the healing vibration of water and sound. A journey like no other!

***We cap participation levels in this event to ensure that the facilitator to participant ratio creates a safe and supported environment to hold space for and process the experience. Our space holders collectively have undergone extensive training in yoga, pranayama, energy healing, structural integration body work, trauma processing, indigenous healing modalities, somatic healing, coaching and the therapeutic healing process. Each facilitator and assistant have facilitated many of these events and are excited to hold space for you on your journey.

Sign up early to secure your spot

$50 (preferred method of payment is Venmo to @Shilah-Sarkissian), otherwise please use the PayPal link below:

October 11th 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Men's Group - What is the Masculine: An exploration of the contemporary man
6:30 PM18:30

Men's Group - What is the Masculine: An exploration of the contemporary man

Coming together in a healthy way as men to listen, receive and support one another is an element of our society that is desperately missing. Together we form a circle to nurture our commitments and hold ourselves accountable to our own growth. The Fall Men’s Group will be starting October 8th at 6:30pm. We will gather together five times over the course of 3 months, to discuss topics pertaining to us personally and universal concepts of masculine identity.

We will be covering:
• What it means to be a man in 2019
• Partnership
• Fathering ourselves
• Emotional honesty
• Getting past Judgement
• And many more topics...

There will also be space to open and share honestly about what is going on for us in a space that is safe. Together we will create a space to share and be heard.

Oct: 8, 22
Nov: 5, 19
Dec: 3

Meetings will go from 6:30pm to approximately 9pm


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Womens' Group - Exploring the Feminine Archetypes
6:00 PM18:00

Womens' Group - Exploring the Feminine Archetypes

In our fall session of our Womens’ group we will shift from examining the inner masculine and patriarch and seek to explore: What does it truly mean to embody feminine energy? In our culture we have ideas and examples of this in literature, but very few people (men or women) who embody being in and with the feminine on Earth at this time. Even most "successful" women draw upon their masculine inner energy for fuel, as a result of patterned conditioning. How can we learn what the feminine really is? I have just come back from a deeply transformative retreat where this was the majority of the subject matter that I learned and explored, I feel excited to share it.

We will be using the book WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES as our companion on this journey as we dive into it’s poetic and deeply rich exploration of the female archetypes through myth, particularly the archetype of the wild woman. The reclamation of our deep belly instinctual nature and wisdom. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one book with me, forever, this would be the one. She uses the powerful tool of myths and stories as a mirror to help us see and reflect back on how these stories and energies show up in our own lives. The dynamic of being together and sharing in this way helps create community and space for us to explore and play together, while healing and grounding in a more balanced and embodied energy.

The details are as follows:


A circle of women; we meet approximately 2 times per months for 3 months. No topic is off the table and the group will be small enough to do a lot of sharing. Most of this time will be dedicated to exploring the weeks topic together and how it has played out in our own lives as we share the deep wisdom we all have.


My home in Laguna Niguel.


Hopefully you - this group is open to women.


Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm. The end time is loose, sometime between 8 and 9 pm, to allow for deeper exploration if needed. But, usually we will wrap up by 8:30. If you have to miss a session or two, there is still tremendous value in joining.

Tuesday Oct 1st

Tuesday Oct 15th

Tuesday Oct 29

Tuesday Nov 12

Tuesday Dec 10

Tuesday Dec 17


$200 is the cost of the fall session of the group, and to reserve your spot you can Venmo the total to @Shilah-Sarkissian. Spots will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

I hope to see you there. If you are unable to do Tuesdays but have interest, please let me know which weekday alternative best suits you, as it looks like we may have a second group that will run concurrently.

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Reiki Level One
to Aug 28

Reiki Level One

Reiki Level 1

Reiki is the universal flow of life energy. Learn how to channel this energy for your own healing as well as how to use it to support others with their healing. This is a 7 hour training delivered over two evenings, and includes your Reiki level one attunement (a ceremony with deep meditative reconnection to life energy).  

You will also learn the every day practical applications as well as how to create space and hold sessions for healing others.


August 27th: 6:30 - 9:30

August 28th: 6:30 - 9:30

*You must attend both days and once purchased the event is non-refundable.

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Reiki Master Training
to Aug 18

Reiki Master Training

Reiki Master is being offered as a program which is like an apprenticeship; allowing the practitioner access to feedback and direction after their attunement.

Our attunement and training takes place on Sat August 17th from 5:00 - 8:30 pm. Here you will learn additional Reiki Master symbols and powerful breath work. You return on August 18th from 2:00 - 5:00 pm to practice and integrate your experience.

After the weekend over the next 3 months you will be given additional feedback and support from Shilah as you continue working with clients in this new way. This ends with a final in person feedback session with Shilah after the 3 months passes. For more details, you are welcome to reach out to info@arcanalife.com

Investment: $325 for the entire experience. Venmo is preferred: @Shilah-Sarkissian, PayPal is here below if that is better for you :)

*purchase is non-refundable

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Summer Solstice Circle
7:00 PM19:00

Summer Solstice Circle

The changing of the seasons gives us the opportunity to get settled and go within as we connect to each other in circle and welcome a shifting of energies.

We will welcome the turn of the seasons and this powerful energetic gateway by gathering in circle and honoring the rhythms of nature. We will build and move energy by working with the 7 main energetic centers in the body, chanting the Bija (seed) mantra together. This practice tones the vibration and energy field of the body and is incredibly cleansing and uplifting for the mind as well. We will also take a meditative journey and have a group energy healing. We will set intentions for this season of expression and abundance and conclude by honoring the sacred bringer of life - water. No experience is required, and beginners to this type of work are most welcome :)

7:00 - 9:00 pm Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala

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Reiki Level Two
to Jun 9

Reiki Level Two

Deepening your connection to the universal energy of Ki, spend two days exploring the ancient hand symbols used for healing as well as ample practice time to engage with your fellow healers. Learn how Reiki can be used over distance and become a certified distance healer. 

Saturday June 8th 4:00 - 8:00 PM

Sunday March 24th 12:00 - 4:00 PM

$250 -

*You must attend both days, and once signed up your space is booked and payments are non-refundable.

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Sacred Relationship Weekend Immersion
to May 26

Sacred Relationship Weekend Immersion

May 25, May 26 Sacred relationships - Even the most seasoned relationship is nourished by spending time learning about the energy that flows within it. Strengthen your existing relationship or learn how to call in your next one, all by deepening your relationship with the many aspects of YOU. Learn how relationships with all people are your greatest teacher, and how partnership is the ultimate playground for learning about and integrating our whole selves. Learn to identify bonding patterns and how to move the energy and create deeper more honest connection in your relationship, no matter what phase of it’s existence it is in. We will also learn how to create and maintain them without falling into the cycle of idealization, polarization, projection and co-dependency.

We hope to see you there, this will be informative, connecting and FUN!

Saturday May 25th - 10 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday May 26th 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Weekend immersion - $300

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Loving Embodiment Healing Circle - With Reiki, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing
7:00 PM19:00

Loving Embodiment Healing Circle - With Reiki, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing

Healing Circle - With Reiki, Meditation, Sound and Energy Work

Spring Cleaning For Your Heart

Join Shilah for an evening of deep exploration and gentle loving transformation. Tune into your own energies of the heart chakra by exploring the body through a guided meditation intuitively created and led by Shilah. We hold our past hurts across the back of the chest and heart, and this experience has been created to help us gently feel what is and move heart forward towards living in the now. Reconnect to a balanced and loving heart energy, and move stuck or stagnant energies of the heart. Following our meditation we will have a sound journey with toning and 7 different singing bowls. Individual Reiki and group energy healing will be provided, as will a closing intention and water ceremony, where we call in protection and support for our tender and strong open hearts. Come join us in remembering, and helping each-other to live from a place of heart centered awareness.

Investment: $38 per person

7:00 - 9:00 pm @ Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala

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